Tess of the D'Urbervilles

symbolise significance of houses-gateshead hall,lowood school and thornfield hall

what symbolises the three houses

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I think you have your questions wrongly categorized here....... tess of the D'Urbervilles was authored by Hardy; Gateshead Hall, Lowood School, and Thornfield Hall all are settings in Jane Eyre, written by Bronte.

In the order above the names of these places all have one thing in common, each place represents a specific period in Jane's life, and each of these places were named to depict her metamorphis from young lady to womanhood. Gateshead marked the beginning of Jane's journey; she had to move beyond or ahead of the gate to the new life waiting for her. Lowood is the safe place where she transitions, just far enough out of the way (low) to keep on growing as a person. Thornwood however represents an extremley diffcult path. Her time there is like running through a field of thorns; they mark and scar you for life, but those moments spent there also entangled themselves around her heart.

The significance of these places in is their direct affect upon Jane.


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