Tess of the D'Urbervilles

3, Could Tess make him happy?

1, Ought Tess to marry Angel?

2, How would Tess's parents react?

3, Could Tess make him happy?

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As long as Tess conformed to the illusion that he built her into, I suppose he could have been happy. Angel, like many of us, has difficulty dealing with the real person that they fell in love with. Angel, in particular, was disloyal to Tess and a jerk. So, no Tess could not make him happy. Even if Angel had never found out about Tess's past, he wanted someone that never existed. Tess was a wounded girl. Her past was part of what made her Tess. Angel didn't want this Tess, he wanted the chaste young "angel" that he thought he could rescue.