What commentary is the author making about sports in American life?

what commentary is the author making about sports in american life

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The author's commentary on American youth sports is definitely not an admirable one. The text addresses issues of familes being torn apart and lying in order to get their children into better schools and programs just to further their chances in sports... the sport comes before the family..... what a sad testament to our culture. Fathers give up their jobs to move in an area with a better school, students use false information for registration, the money necessary to acquire a college education is spent in full beforehand...... in the hopes of receiving a scholarship for the same. 

The text also addresses the theme of priviledge..... the fact that children who excel at sports are only "expected" to excel or work at other things in deference to their performance on the playing field. A student is afforded preferential treatment because of their ability to kick a ball, run faster...... jump higher. Bad behavior is overlooked if it will affect the player or ultimate outcome of a game.