Part 3 of Tangerine

Paul decides not to tell his mother about ericks attack on Tino. He says there would be no point because, "she's never done anything about him before." What do you think Paul is talking about? The book is tangerine

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This could refer to any number of incidents if the past. Paul's parents allow Erik to do pretty much anything he wants..... and never reprimand him for his actions. If Paul is referring to a specific incident, it would likely be the way Paul's parents hid the fact that it was Erik who sprayed paint into his eyes. He not only physically hurt his brother.... or shall we say tortured him, but was protected by his parents after commiting such an act.



Who does Paul think may have seen Erik hitting Tino from the Fishers kitchen? Why do you think that person does not do anything

His dad. It will ruin the erik fisher dream.