How would you describe the Fishers, their values and their priorities?

Must be answered with textual evidence

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The Fishers are an interesting group. Mr. Fisher is only interested in the success he can achieve through his son Erik. Instead of building a life of his own and moving on from youthful dreams..... he lives through his son. Mrs. Fisher is totally bored and looking for things to keep herself busy. She's unhappy, and because she doesn't find fulfillment in her home and with her family, she looks for other projects to busy herself with. She isn't worried about how things are, but rather how they look to outsiders.

The Fisher children are another story. Paul is ignored by his family. His problems are shoved under the table, but he needs love like every child and focuses on new friendships and pushing his own boundaries. He needs some of the affirmation heaped on his older brother. Erik, on the other hand, is a bully. He believes himself to be above the rules, and it seems that as long as he's performing to his parents standards publicly...... athletically...... he has no rules.

In a nutshell..... the family is completely dysfunctional.