A Tale of Two Cities

Why is this book called a tale of two cities?

i don't want an answer like cause its about london and paris, but more deeper and with some details cause i didin't finish reading the book yet and i need an answer to this question now

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Okay I have to begin with the fact that it is in London and Paris but yes there is more to write. Both cities were considered the great cities of Europe in 1775. The American Revolution was in progress which certainly affected England (they had colonies) and the French revolution was soon to be. The French revolution was particularly brutal. The nobility were getting their heads chopped off faster than I-phones a selling now. Many of the French aristocracy were fleeing to get into London. Thus the two cities were linked by revolution, violence and destiny. Hope that helps!

Well, not to disappoint you, but that's more or less the reason. I suppose you could say that it speaks to what the different cities illustrate - London is much more civilized and comfortable and safe, whereas Paris is in the midst of change and requires more complicated ethical decisions from its characters. But even then, the title just tells us that the narrative and characters will be moving between one and the other.