A Tale of Two Cities

Who orchestrates charles's acquittal, and is his defense built on fact or emotion?

Book the third, Chapter 6

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Much of Darnay's aquital is built on emotion. The Defarges are sitting in the front row. Darnay is charged with being an emigrant, and the public cries to take off his head. The fact that he renounced his aristocratic title has no bearing. When he reveals that he is married to Lucie, Doctor Manette's daughter, the crowd calls out in his favor.

Gabelle testifies on his behalf, as does Doctor Manette, who points out that far from being sympathetic to the English aristocratic government, that very government had tried him for his life for being a friend of France and America. Darnay is acquitted, and the crowd greets him with rapture. They lead him back to his home, holding him up in a chair