A Tale of Two Cities

Who had the doctor put in prison an why?

Book the third, Chapter 10

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The Marquis Evrémonde orchestrates the doctor being put away. The two Evremonde brothers were cruel and sadistic, representing all the worst of the aristocratic class. What they wanted they got--and they wanted a young married woman in their village. They took her, and in doing so humiliated her husband to death, killed her brother in a duel, and caused her father to have a heart attack which killed him. In an unexpected act of charity toward their victims, the men virtually kidnapped the young Dr. Manette, who did his best to save the two who were alive when he got there--the young girl and her brother. He heard enough of their story before they died to be dangerous to the brothers. They returned him to his home, but their spies intercepted a letter written by Dr. Manette explaining to the authorities what he had witnessed. These Evremonde brothers could not allow that, so they used their influence with the Court to have him imprisoned.