A Tale of Two Cities

What positive affect did the horrors have on the doctor

In Tale Of Two Cities Book 3 Chapter 4

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Doctor Manette does not return for four days, during which time 1,100 prisoners are killed. Manette announced himself as having been a prisoner in the Bastille without trial, a fact which Monsieur Defarge reinforces, popularizing the Doctor immensely. He almost secured Darnay's immediate release, but the prisoner was arbitrarily returned to his cell. Doctor Manette gained permission to stay with him in the cell to ensure that he would not be murdered like the other prisoners.

The Doctor is asked to tend to a prisoner who was released but attacked with a pike anyway by mistake. He works hard to dress the wounds and save both the attacker and the attacked. Instead of reviving his old psychological problems, the Doctor's activities give him a sense of importance and help him become more confident. He has usee his influence to ensure that Darnay is not imprisoned alone but with others, and he has seen Darnay weekly to check on his health and convey messages from him to Lucy.

Try as he might to get Darnay released, the Revolution has moved too fast; the king and queen are tried and beheaded, and Year One of the Republic has been declared. Charles is to lie in prison for a year and three months.


Gradesaver Summary/ Book III/ Chapter 4