A Tale of Two Cities

What is the moment that sets the revolution in motion?

Explain why this action will have such a big impact.

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I don't think that there is one moment that sets the French revolution in motion. Tensions have been simmering for a very long time. England is on the brink of the American Revolution. The French Revolution seems inevitable, with trees waiting to be converted to guillotines and the spirit of rebellion silently infecting the countryside. Similar disturbances are common across England, with highway robberies on the increase and thievery reaching all the way into high society. Executions are common for both minor and major offences.....Dickens postulates the historical inevitability of the French Revolution, illustrating that despite the monarchs' complacency in their divine right, discontentment was growing in the countryside.I think momentum is the key word here. Pockets of resistance against the monarchy spring up until all of France is ignited into revolution.