A Tale of Two Cities

What does the reader learn about Lucie's father in these chapters?

The first 6 chapters.

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We don't really get into Dr. Manette until about Ch6. We learn he is Lucie's father and a brilliant doctor. Dr.Manette had been incarsarated in La Bastille for eighteen years. We are never really sure what his crime was but it certainly feels like a grossly unfair arrest. Dicken's description of Manette seems to be a consciensous hero. Dr. Manette cobbled shoes all day to avoid losing his mind. We first see Dr. Manette in Chapter 6 hunched over, a shell of his former self. He still thinks he is in prison and is pretty much oblivious about his past. The lesson here is that it is not good to end up in the Bastille. Okay, I oversimplify but it certainly wasn't Disneyland Paris.


A Tale of Two Cities Ch 6