A Tale of Two Cities

Take of tow cities humanity's help

theses are my questions I can't get past and I need help badly so please dose anyone no?

hart below:
Vocabulary word
Context in novel (sentence and page number)
Chapter Questions:
For each chapter, answer the question below. Each question number corresponds to the chapter (for example, 1. = chapter 1). Not every chapter has a question!
Book the First
1. Describe the setting in the first chapter of the novel (time and place). Why do you think this will be significant to the story?
2. Which characters are we first introduced to? What type of characters are they?
3. Does the author feel humans trust one another?
4. Explain what happened to Lucie when she was a small child.
5. What symbolic meaning is there in the spilled wine?
Book the Second
3. Explain how Stryver was able to get Darnay acquitted.
5. How do you feel about Carton?
6. What upsetting news did Charles bring Dr. Manette?
7. What tragic accident took place in Saint Antoine?
8. Explain the quote (p. 119) II “...until the wonder was that there was any village left unswallowed."
9. How are the Marquis and his nephew different?
13. What does Carton's confession reveal about his personality?
18. What did Charles tell Dr. Manette the morning of the wedding? How did it affect the doctor? Why do you think he reacted this way?
21. Why do you think Defarge searched 105 North Tower?
23. Are the problems in France over? What conditions exist?
Book the Third
1. What insight does Charles' imprisonment give him?
5. What is the Carmagnole? Why does it scare Lucie so much?
7. Why didn't the family leave Paris as soon as Charles was released?
9. What three people have denounced Charles?
13. What is the significance of the seamstress who is also going to the Guillotine?
15. Do you think Carton died with a peaceful heart? Why?

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