A Tale of Two Cities

Define Dramatic Irony and show the traces of dramatic irony in novel.

A definition of term 'Dramatic Irony' used in the novel A Tale Of Two Cities and show the traces of dramatic Irony in the novel ...

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Dramatic irony takes place when a characters words and actions have a different meaning for the audience than they do for the character. The audience gains understanding in these instances, whereas the characters just don't get it.

An example of dramatic irony in A Tale of Two Cities is the character of Jerry Cruncher. He is a grave robber though considered to have an honest trade, “No, Jerry, no!...It wouldn’t do for you, Jerry. Jerry, you honest tradesman..." and his initials are J. C. This is another irony when you consider Jesus' ressurection and the Jeremy's job of ressurecting bodies to be used in medical labs.


A Tale of Two Cities