A Tale of Two Cities

chapter 16

Discuss what you believe will get Darnay into prison again after he was imprisoned. Why do you think is the third person denouncing him, and why? 

(just ideas not in detail)

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Part II, Chapter X?

Darney wants to marry Lucie and attempts to be honest with her father who has many reserrvations. Dr. Manette is disturbed by Darnay's revelations and regresses emotionally. He might see Darnay as a threat and expose him. 


A Tale of Two Cities

Actually It's not the part that I'm reading right now. It's the part when Darnay was declared and he was arrested for one year and 3 months of being an emigrant.He was resrrested for the third time by Mr and Mrs Defarge command.

Moreover, my question is why he will get imprisoned for the third time and besides Mr and Mrs Defarge, who will be the third person to denounce Charles and why you chose that person in particular??

Sorry for not classifying my question and which part my question is being asked.