A Tale of Two Cities

book 2 Chapter 15

what does the roadmender tell monsieur defarge?

what effect does the story have on defarge an the others ?

what decision is made after the Revolutionary hear the road menders story ?

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"Monsieur Defarge enters with a person who repairs roads and who is apparently named Jacques, whom he leads to the apartment that Doctor Manette used to occupy. Defarge introduces him to the other three men named Jacques. The road-mender recounts the story of how he saw a man hanging by the chain under Monseigneur's carriage. He says that although he had never seen this man before, he recognized him again because of his unusual height. When he was returning home from working on a hillside, he saw the man bound and led by six soldiers. He also claims that the captured man recognized him. The man is lame, and the soldiers drove him along with the butts of their guns through a village full of gawking people and to a prison gate. The road-mender saw him behind bars in the prison on his way to work the next morning. The man has been imprisoned for having allegedly killed Monseigneur, and soldiers have built a gallows for his execution.

The road-mender is asked to leave, and Defarge confers with the other Jacques characters. They decide to register the man as doomed to destruction. One Jacques expresses uncertainty about the safety and secrecy of their register, but Defarge claims that his wife knits it using symbols that no one but herself understands. The two Defarges take the road-mender to see Versailles, where he waves and shouts enthusiastically at royalty and aristocrats. When a man asks Madame Defarge what she is knitting, she answers that she is knitting shrouds. At the end of the spectacle, the Defarges express contempt for the upper classes."