A Tale of Two Cities

2. What effect does Madame Defarge have on Lucie when the Defarges visit Lucie’s apartment? How does Dickens symbolically show this effect?


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In Book III, Chapter III, Mr. Lorry returns to his own lodgings, where he is visited by Monsieur Defarge with a message from Doctor Manette, who says that Darnay is safe, but that neither of them can leave prison yet. Defarge also carries a message for Lucie, and Mr. Lorry accompanies him to her new apartment. They are joined in the street by Madame Defarge, whom Mr. Lorry recognizes by her knitting. Lucie is overjoyed to receive her husband's message, and he kisses Madame Defarge's hand in thanks, but the woman does not respond.

Madame Defarge frightens Lucie with her coldness. Lucie recoils and hides her note..... she is afraid of the woman.