Sylvia Plath: Poems

what is the message of the listening text

Hong Kong is running “Dream for My Child”, an integrated advertising campaign centred on a tear jerking commercial, “My Dad’s Story”. The ad, filmed in Thailand, features a young girl reading aloud her reflections on her father. She moves from sentimental admiration of the sweetest daddy in the world through to her struggles to come to terms with his dual life. He lies about having a job, having money, not being hungry. It becomes clear that the father is taking a wide range of menial jobs to earn money for his daughter’s education. The final message, “A child’s future is worth every sacrifice”. MetLife invites viewers to visit the site where they can submit their dreams for their children for a chance to win a 3-year endowment plan, and find out about MetLife’s EduCare saving plans for parents to save money for children’s higher education.

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This has nothing to do with your listed title. The add seems to state that parents must provide for their children's dreams if they really care about them.