Sylvia Plath: Poems


Are there any significant techniques that the writer used to portray a main theme? If okay, it would be a great help if you could provide some quotes and a main theme idea, I know I'm asking a lot but it would be great help!

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It is not outlandish to assert that Plath's poetry might in fact be her crowning achievement. Bold, visceral, moving, evocative, wrenching, perplexing, and gorgeous, her many poems run the gamut from simple and charming to terrifying and violent. They address such major themes as the preeminence of the patriarch, the sorrow of loss, the yearning for creative autonomy, a mother's love for her child, thoughts of suicide, and ruminations on nature, sex, and the body. Each poem is generally understood in terms of its chronology, as part of one of three distinct phases of the author's output.