Sundiata: An Epic of Old Mali

What proverbs appear in the selection?

What proverbs appear in the selection?

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"...great trees grow slowly but they plunge their roots deep into the ground."

"The snake has no legs, yet it is as swift as any other animal that has four."

 "The snake, man's enemy, is not long-lived, yet the serpent that lives hidden will surely die old."

" drive a cow into the stable it is necessary to take the calf in."

"The tree that the tempest will throw down does not see the storm building up on the horizon."

"...the son of another is always the son of another."

"...good fortune makes men blind."

"In the world man suffers for a season but never eternally."

"Numbers mean nothing; it is worth that counts."

"Oh, how power can pervert a man. If man had but a mithkal of divine power at his disposal the world would have been annihilated long ago."