Sundiata: An Epic of Old Mali


what is the central idea

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pls i need the theme of sundita as my project for ijmb student

what is the travel significance in the story

Themes in sundiata is not only one.However, ther are other sub themes. The major themes in Sudiata is the theme of WAR. Here we see how war is used in th poem as a periquisite for heroism. we also se how wars are faught in order to defend one's land and loved ones. Instanceces are when Sudiata fights to get back what is rightfully his and to also conquer the territories of tyrans and their allies e.g the king of sosso and his ever faithful ally. on thre other hand, we see Fakoli fighting the king of sosso to get revenge on him for the abuse he has abused his wife, Keleya, and to also get her back. Other kings of the kingdoms which the king of sosso had uner his control all came out and gave Sundiata their support because they wanted to be liberated from of bondage that the king of sosso has placed them under.


from the poem epic of mali