Believable development of relationships?

Did the development of that relationship seem believable given the way the characters were set up? It didn\'t sit quite right with me.

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Summer is a novel about a young girl's sexual awakening; her subsequent crush. romance and eventual marriage. It's sentimental and most important of all, it's beautifully told.

Do Charity and Lucius experience a believable development in their relationship. Yes, they do. The two meet by chance in the library where Charity works, they become friends, and for awhile they sneak around in secret......... then they go a step further and begin a sexual relationship. Is this normal, think about it....... it is not my preferred form of courtship, and I don't approve of relations before marriage, but I don't live under a rock. By today's standards........ this is a believable development.

In the time this was written, this wouldn't have been the way a relationship would have developed. Morals, values, beliefs and expectations were completely different. Charity first has relations after being verbally accosted by her guardian, Mr. Royall. We know he's already made a pass at the girl, and we know he's going to be jealous.......... but he is ANGRY! And like any man (guardian) of the day.......... he inquires as to when they will marry and where they will live.

Lucius however is not honorable. He promises Charity marriage before leaving town, and the news that he's engaged to another quickly follows. The news that Charity is pregnant comes after. Mr. Royall offers to marry her, and although she doesn't know it before the marriage, he knows she's pregnant as well............ Mr. Royall did the right thing when he didn't have to........