What are examples (Quotations)of prejudice and the struggle for Independence in the novel sula

I need quotation example to suppot my thesis of the difficulty to be an idenpendent black woman in that society .

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"Her glance moved beyond the white man's face to the passengers seated behind him. Four or five black faces were watching, two belonging to soldiers still in their shit-colored uniforms and peaked caps. She saw their closed faces, their locked eyes, and turned for compassion to the gray eyes of the conductor." (pg 19)

"When he first came to Medallion, the people called him Pretty Johnnie, but Eva looked at his milky skin and cornsilk hair and out of a mixture of fun and meanness called him Tar Baby." (pg 32)

"He would have left him there but noticed that it was a child, not an old black man, as it first appeared . . ." (86)

"Ajax didn't seem too bothered by any of it. More annoyed and inconvenienced than anything else. He had had several messes with the police, mostly in gambling raids, and regarded them as the natural hazards of Negro life." (107)