Spring Awakening

What is considered the proper age/too young to read this play?

What is considered old enough to read the play, Spring Awakening. Do you think that it is appropriate for high school seniors or do you think that it is innapropriate for that age and should be for adults in their 20's? Obviously a child should not as I know it talks about very sexual and adult themes and takes a certain maturity to be able to not only read it but really understand it. Thank you.

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The frank sexuality and sexual experimentation depicted in Spring Awakening immediately positioned it as an extremely controversial work and led to the decades-long censorship of certain scenes and lines in the play. One might argue that Wedekind used sexuality to provoke thought and raise questions rather than merely to shock viewers. However, even today some critics of the play disagree with this evaluation. One possible purpose for these scenes is to explore whether ideas about sex arise naturally in human beings or are taught by outside forces. Another possibility is that Wedekind uses children rather than adults because adults may have an easier time seeing their own flaws and mistakes when they are represented in youthful forms. In any case, I would think this play more appropriate starting at college age, who have a sense of adult maturityand broader context of their world,, rather than anyone younger who might lack maturity and context.