what is mr.Neck's view on immigration?

was it something negative?

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Mr. Neck is Melinda's social studies teacher. He's portrayed as a silly man who abuses his authority. Mr. Neck brings an interesting debate to Speak when he claims that immigrants kept his son from getting a job. He argues that the US should have stopped all immigration in 1900. His students, especially David Petrakis, are quick to argue.

One day, Mr. Neck comes to social studies class mad because his son didn't get a job as a firefighter. He blames immigrants and says the US government should have stopped all immigration in 1900. When students challenge him, he shuts down the debate. David Petrakis, Melinda's lab partner, stands up and says, "The Constitution does not recognize different classes of citizenship based on time spent living in the country. […] As a student, I am protesting the tone of this lesson as racist, intolerant and xenophobic" (27.22). (In case you don't know, "xenophobia" is "an unreasonable fear of foreigners.") Then he leaves class.