What does Melinda remember about the summer party?


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After the game, Melinda cannot sleep. She crawls onto the porch roof and replays the night from last August in her head. Rachel had blackmailed her older brother, Jimmy, into bringing her and her friends to a party with beer, cheerleaders, and seniors. Melinda told her parents she was sleeping at Rachel’s house, and Rachel’s mother thought that Jimmy was taking the girls roller-skating. The party was outside of town and Melinda felt out of place. She gulped down a few beers, even though she hated the taste, in an attempt to feel more at ease. Melinda walked outside and a senior approached her and started flirting with her. Melinda was excited and wished Rachel could see.

The senior asked Melinda to dance and proceeded to kiss her. Melinda was taken aback but too drunk to say anything. The senior then pushed her to the ground and raped her. Confused and scared, Melinda wandered into the house, picked up the phone, and dialed 911. Someone grabbed the phone from Melinda and yelled to the party that the police were on their way.