What causes Melinda to cut class for the first time? Describe her “day off.”

describe her day

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One morning, Melinda oversleeps and misses the bus. Her mother tells her that she must walk to school, because her mother is already running late. On the way, Melinda stops at a town bakery to buy two jelly doughnuts. Just as she is about to enter, however, she notices Andy exiting the store. She tries to remain still and hopes that he will not notice her, but, of course, he does. He wolf-whistles and offers her a bite of his doughnut. She runs away and decides to skip school.

Melinda first wanders Main Street, but soon gets cold and boards a bus headed toward the mall. She strolls, reminiscing about fifth grade and its simplicity. She begins thinking that she should tell someone her secret. When she sees a security guard, Melinda heads back to the bus stop. She decides she will need to take days off every once in a while.