how does melinda stop andy from raping her again?

fourth marking period

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She looks up to see Andy Evans closing the door behind him. Andy yells at her for telling Rachel about the rape. He says that it was not rape and that Melinda wanted it just as much as he did. He is angry that the girls in school are calling him a pervert. Melinda attempts to move around him, but Andy tells her that she is not going anywhere. Melinda tries to scream, but makes no noise. Andy tells her that she will not scream, because she did not last time.

This time, however, Melinda finds her voice. She yells, throwing Andy off balance. He punches her, but she continues to make noise. Melinda breaks the mirror as Andy shoves her against a wall, and is able to grab a shard of glass and hold it against his neck. Andy backs off long enough for Nicole and the lacrosse team to reach the closet. One member of the team runs for help.