how does melinda realization as she draws her tree relate to the theme moment of truth

what is her moment of truth on drawing the tree

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Melinda's final confession comes in conjunction with the conclusion of her tree project. Melinda and her tree come to life at the same time. Her final depiction of the tree is artistically successful because she allows the tree to have flaws, and this symbolizes her acceptance of her own weaknesses, and thus her ability to move past them, and love herself in spite of them.

Her spoken confession to Mr. Freeman is also significant. He is, of course, a character that reaches out to Melinda on multiple occasions. He has seen hints of her troubles through her art, but only now is she finally able to tell her story aloud. That this ends the book signifies that the speaking of her rape story closes one part of her story, and allows the next phase to begin. Before, she didn’t know “if” she would grow up. Now we see she is ready to get to the next stage of her growth, a seed finally sprouting.