Giving thanks

explain , in a few sentences, what happen at Melinda house over thanksgiving break.

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When Thanksgiving rolls around, Melinda knows her mother will be busy with sales at Effert’s. Despite the certain possibility of store emergencies, however, Melinda’s mother always wants to cook a Thanksgiving meal. She is interrupted by phone calls from the store several times and the turkey is ruined. When Melinda’s mom leaves for the store, her dad attempts to salvage the turkey and take over the meal. He fails at making a turkey soup and instead he and Melinda call for pizza.

Melinda feels sorry for the unused turkey and digs the bones out of the trashcan. She brings them to art class the following week. Mr. Freeman is excited by the turkey bones and allows Melinda to stay after class to continue working on her project. He lets Ivy, Melinda’s artistic, former friend, stay as well. Melinda glues the bones to a block of wood and places the head of a Barbie doll on top. Mr. Freeman and Ivy both admire her creation.