Explain the multiple meanings found in the title "Growing Pains."

Also, What could the section "Little Witing on the Wall" foreshadow?

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Do you know which chapter numbers these titles are from?

Growing Pains- Chapter 71

Melinda is growing up and looking to move past her experiences. She's come to care about how Mr. Freeman sees her art (the tree), and yet she can't seem to see who she is as an artist. The little girl in her throws the carving in the trash, the artist she's becoming accepts it back when her teacher pulls it out and tells her to keep trying.



Chapter 82- Little Writing on the Wall

If you've read the novel, you know that this chapter has to do with Ivy's intitiating Melinda in the art of bathroom graffiti. Their discussion is one of budding friendship, girls just don't take the time to analyze and critique the writing on a bathroom wall.

The gorl's compare notes and explanations; they also indulge in a bit of "gossip." But in the end, the gossip is really provided by the writing on the bathroom wall.