book vs movie what is the big difrences

Π pie? or not pie that is the question

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Top 10 Differences Between the Book and the Movie

1) The movie takes place in the Midwest, not in Syracuse, New York.

2) The mascot only changes once in the movie, from Trojan to Hornet.

3) Melinda meets Heather on the school bus in the movie, not in the cafeteria.

4) In the movie, Melinda is raped in Andy's car, not outside of the party.

5) When Melinda is struck by mashed potatos in the movie, it is portrayed as purposeful, instead of accidental.

6) Mr. Neck and David Petrakis only argue once in the film, and David does not hire a lawyer

7) In the film Melinda cuts class only once and goes straight to the hospital.

8)Melinda does not send Rachel a warning note in the film. Instead, she only approaches her in person.

9) Andy does not attempt to rape Melinda a second time in the film. He just physically assaults her.

10) In the film, Melinda's final confession is to her mother, not to Mr. Freeman.