Sons and Lovers

can paul morel be called the hero of the novel sons and lovers discuss

easy type , from sons and lovers novel written by D.H. Lawrence

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I think Paul could be seen as sort of a Theban hero. He's got a bit of Oedipus complex going on. His mother casts a long shadow over him. He is sensitive, temperamental, artistic (a painter), and unceasingly devoted to his mother. They are inseparable; he confides everything in her, works and paints to please her, and nurses her as she dies. Paul has ultimately unsuccessful romances with Miriam Leiver and Clara Dawes, always alternating between great love and hatred for each of them. His relationship fails with Miriam because she is too sacrificial and virginal to claim him as hers, whereas it fails with Clara because, it seems, she has never given up on her estranged husband. However, the major reason behind Paul's break-ups is the long shadow of his mother; no woman can ever equal her in his eyes, and he can never free himself from her possession.