Song of Roland

What is the oral element in the Roland?

What are the elements

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Medieval Literature has a strong oral element to it because stories were often heard. Not many people at the time could not read. Still, could you elaborate further on what you mean by "oral element"?

My professor didn't really say, I just know he said what are the oral elements in The Song of Roland

I know he wanted us to list the superantural and superhuman elements and the oral elements as well, that's the best I could help. I appreciate the help!

Okay, I'll take a look again

I think that the oral elements of a story were directly related to the themes of the time. By this I mean the going concerns around heroism, life, death, God, sex.... Oral tradition included these topics because these were on people's minds. These stories served as not only entertainment but cautionary tales. In light of this I suggest that you check out the GradeSaver link below. The themes would be much a part of this oral tradition that I think your Proff. might be referring to.