Song of Roland

Reading Song of Roland

How do you feel about King Charlemagne? According to you, is he a wise king? Why yes or no? Please find evidences from the text to justify your reasons.

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Historically, Charlemagne (742?-814) was a Frankish king who defended Christendom and expanded its borders. In The Song of Roland he is made larger than life, a hale warrior more than two centuries old who wearily continues to battle against paganism. Some have argued that the poem should be called The Song of Charlemagne, as the second half of the poem is devoted to Charlemagne's revenge and the completion of his conquest of Spain. At times in the poem, Charlemagne is a combination of incredible majesty and touching vulnerability. He is arguably the most developed character of the poem, a man of unflagging faith and loyalty who nonetheless is weary of war and loss.