Song of Roland

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Quiz: The Song of Roland Multiple Choice Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. Comprehension The questions below refer to the selection “from The Song of Roland.” ____ 1. What is the cause of the “worldwide grief” represented by the darkness and the fierce storm described in the passage? a. Count Roland’s eventual death c. The destruction of the French army b. Charlemagne’s absence from battle d. The loss of the indestructible Durendal ____ 2. In the midst of battle, Oliver argues that Roland should not sound the horn because Oliver — a. believes that they do not need help b. thinks that they can still escape the Saracens c. knows that help is already on the way d. believes that sounding the horn would be a disgrace ____ 3. Who settles the argument between Oliver and Roland? a. Turpin the Archbishop c. An anonymous soldier b. Charlemagne d. Oliver’s sister, Aude ____ 4. What happens to Roland when he sounds the horn for a second time? a. He is hit by an enemy arrow. c. Charlemagne’s army appears. b. His temple bursts. d. Lightning strikes his foes. ____ 5. Why does Charlemagne delay in turning back to help Roland and his forces? a. Charlemagne is waiting for reinforcements. b. Oliver sends word that the battle is going well. c. Ganelon insists that Roland is not in danger. d. Charlemagne’s army is no match for the Saracens. ____ 6. Where does Roland go to die? a. Back to his beloved France b. Away with the Saracens c. To the cathedral of Archbishop Turpin d. To a hill with two trees and four blocks of stone ____ 7. As Roland is dying, who tries to take his sword? a. Charlemagne c. Archbishop Turpin b. Oliver d. A Saracen soldier ____ 8. What is remarkable about Roland’s sword? a. It glows in the dark. c. It will not break. b. It controls the weather. d. It makes Roland invincible. ____ 9. Why does the dying Roland turn his face toward Spain? a. He wants Charlemagne to say that he died a conqueror. b. He feels that he has failed France and is ashamed. c. He is confessing his sins to God. d. He is searching for someone to rescue him. ____ 10. Who visits Roland immediately after his death? a. Charlemagne c. The leader of the Saracens b. A trio of angels d. Aude Literary Focus: Climax The questions below refer to the selection “from The Song of Roland.” ____ 11. The climax in a story is the point at which — a. all problems are resolved c. suspense first begins to build b. the conflict reaches its peak d. the main character is introduced ____ 12. The climax is also referred to as the ____ of the story. a. conflict c. resolution b. exposition d. turning point Reading Skills: Making Inferences About Character The questions below refer to the selection “from The Song of Roland.” ____ 13. Why did Roland not sound his horn to call for help earlier in the battle? a. He was too proud to admit his need for help. b. He was afraid that Charlemagne would be angry. c. He was hopeful that he could negotiate for peace. d. He was overly protective of his fellow soldiers. ____ 14. Oliver’s criticism of Roland reveals that Oliver is more ____ than Roland. a. fearless c. cautious b. impulsive d. ambitious Matching Vocabulary Development The questions below refer to the selection “from The Song of Roland.” Match the Vocabulary word from the list below with its definition. a. siege c. fostered b. exulting d. feigned ____ 15. pretended ____ 16. nurtured ____ 17. rejoicing ____ 18. sustained effort to gain control Short Answer Constructed Response The question below refers to the selection “from The Song of Roland.” 19. What inferences can you draw from the text about the character of Roland? What are his beliefs about ideas such as honor, glory, loyalty, and strength? Use details from the text to support your inferences.,d.eWE

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A. Count Roland’s eventual death

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Song of Roland