Something Wicked This Way Comes

Why are people attracted to the carnival? A quote that proves your answer!!!

Any answer with a quote and the page number on the quote

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There's a certain mystique to the carnival that is very well summed up in the following quote.

"The wails of a lifetime were gathered in it from other nights in other slumbering years; the howl of moon-dreamed dogs, the seep of river-cold winds through January porch screens which stopped the blood, a thousand fire sirens weeping or worse! the outgone shreds of breath, the protests of a billion people dead or dying, not wanting to be dead, their groans, their sighs, burst over the earth!"

(Chapter 12)


Something Wicked This Way Comes

THe Carnival draws out the evil that exists in the townspeople. The people in turn are attracted to the Carnival. they feed on each other,

"But the carnival doesn't care if it stinks by moonlight instead of sun, so long as it gorges on fear and pain. That's the fuel, the vapor that spins the carousel, the raw stuffs of terror, the excruciating agony of guilt, the scream from real or imagined wounds."