Something Wicked This Way Comes

What does Miss Foley think is the key to her happiness?

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Miss Foley is a lost soul, for even without Mr. Cooger around, the carnival is all that she can think about. She knows that the boys did not rob her house, but still calls up Mr. Halloway and goes to the police station, simply because she wants them out of the way when she goes to ride on the carousel. Miss Foley does not worry about her nephew because all she can think about is the carnival. She was susceptible to the Mirror Maze before Mr. Cooger ever spent any time around her, so clearly the influence he had on her while he pretended to be her nephew could only have made her more eager to experience the effects of the rides. Without comprehending any of the strange things that are going on around her, Miss Foley focuses on the single goal of riding the carousel, which Mr. Cooger got her to believe is the key to all of her happiness.