Something Wicked This Way Comes

What damage do Will and Jim cause by fighting near the carousel

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Jim chases the Robert/Mr. Cooger to the carousel, and Will chases Jim. But Jim, rather than trying to stop the nephew, jumps on the carousel for a ride. By the time Will reaches the merry-go-round, it is coming to life, the music is starting and it is slowly beginning to turn. Will tackles Jim to stop him from aging while the carousel moves forward. Will runs for the controls and tries to stop it, but Jim pushes the controls back; as they struggle, the carousel begins to spin forward out-of-control. Robert/Mr. Cooger grows older and older, trying to get off. Finally, the switch box explodes and the carousel eases to a stop. Mr. Cooger is now a shriveled mummy, maybe 130 years old, but somehow still alive. Will touches him and he is cold. The two boys run from the carnival.