Something Wicked This Way Comes

What are 2 strange behaviors Jim has during chapter 22?

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Jim's behavior becomes questionable after Mr. Cooger goes into Miss Foley's house. Mr. Cooger certainly remembers the two boys, and going up to the house right after he enters it makes it pretty clear the they know who he is and that they know the secret of the carousel. By going up to Miss Foley's house, the boys give up their advantage of knowing what was happening without Mr. Cooger knowing that they knew. But in Miss Foley's house, Will seems to be the only one who acts normally. Jim desperately wants to go back to the carnival with the boy, Mr. Cooger wants Jim to come, and Miss Foley seems unconcerned about the possibility that Mr. Crosetti is dead. Will is furious with Jim for talking to the boy, but Jim does not understand why Will is mad. Will thinks that something terrible must have happened to the real nephew and that they must somehow warn Miss Foley of her dangerous situation. Jim does not seem very concerned with Miss Foley but is intrigued with Mr. Cooger and wants to meet up with him again. Jim wants more adventure.


Cracks continue to appear in Will and Jim's friendship in Chapter 22. We are made aware of what it is, exactly, that Jim is looking for: he wants to grow older. He wants to ride the merry-go-round forward until he is in his 20s. This is probably what he saw when he entered the mirror maze: an older vision of himself. He seeks this goal alone because he knows Will would disapprove.