Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

When you think of Arthur's court and the Round Table, what associations do you have?

Choose three details from the opening scene in Arthur's court, and compare your associations with these details. In what ways does the poem uphold your expectations?

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I pretty much envisioned what the story described. The poet carefully conveys luxurious details of decoration and attire. There is the incomparably beautiful QueenGuinevere, Arthur himself, and seated in honor around them, various noble knights and relatives of Arthur, including Sir Gawain . We learn that Arthur does not like to begin his feasts until he has heard a great tale or witnessed a great marvel. Indeed, in the midst of the feasting, a wondrous stranger bursts into the hall. The stranger is most remarkable because he is entirely green, and the poet devotes nearly 100 lines to a meticulous description of his appearance.