Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

sir gawain

what can we say about the god's existence for this novel ,god abondened the world totally ? if we can find the god's traces in the novel, what are they ?

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In contrast to the questionable nature of the chivalric code, the poet upholds Christian faith as the ultimate, saving grace for humanity. Ever pious, Gawain continuously finds guidance in God: from the image of the Virgin Mary on the inside of his shield to his prayers while journeying alone, to his narrow escape from the adulterous temptations of Lady Bertilak. It is, in a sense, faith in God which enables mankind to negotiate between the dangers of human society and the dangers of the natural world. To affirm this, the poem concludes with a supplication to Jesus Christ, the Savior.



and For George Lukacs,then,the novel is the product of alienated world so what we we say when we consider this quote

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