Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Basic Info

How are King Arthur and his court portrayed thus far?

Can you detect any subtle criticism of the court and its behavior? Explain.

What is the "game" the Green Knight challenges Arthur's court to play?

How does the Green Knight's behavior contrast with the behavior of Arthur's court?

What is the Green Knight's attitude toward Arthur and his knights?

How is the pentangle important to Sir Gawain?

Which of Gawain's characteristics do the people at this castle seem to be most excited about?

What is the agreement that Sir Gawain and the lord of the castle make?

What seems to be this woman's purpose for spending time with Sir Gawain?

How do elements of "courtly love" appear in the first "bedroom scene"?

How does the lady use Gawain's courtesy against him?

How is the fox different than the other animals the lord has hunted?

What is the relationship between the lord's hunting and the "bedroom" scenes between Gawain and the lady?

What is special about this girdle?

In what ways does Sir Gawain fail when he accepts and conceals the green girdle?

How does the Green Knight make his point to Sir Gawain?

Why is Sir Gawain ashamed?

How is the green girdle treated by King Arthur's court when Sir Gawain returns?

Do they fully understand its significance? Explain.

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