Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

An inference about the Green Knight based on lines 10-19

10: Well crisped and combed and cafefully pranked with knots,

Threads of gold interwoven with the glorious green,

Now a thread of hair, now another thread of gold;

The tail of the horse and the forelock were tricked the same way,

And both were bond up with a band of brilliant green

15: Adorned with glittering jewels the lenght of the dock,

Then caught up tight with a thong in a criss-cross knot Where many a bell tinkled brightly, all burnished gold.

So monstous a mount, so mighty a man in the saddle

Was never once encourged on all this earth

til then;

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From these lines we can infer that the Green Knight resembled was strong and vibrant.... a might warrior.


Sir gawain and the Green Knight