Silas Marner

What secret did Godfrey decided to put in his will?


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Godfrey put the fact that Eppie was his daughter in his will.

Nancy did not speak immediately, but after a little while she asked — “You

won’t make it known, then, about Eppie’s being your daughter?”

“No: where would be the good to anybody? — only harm. I must do what I

can for her in the state of life she chooses. I must see who it is she is thinking of marrying.”

“If it won’t do any good to make the thing known,” said Nancy, who thought

she might now allow herself the relief of entertaining a feeling which she had

tried to silence before, “I should be very thankful for father and Priscilla never to be troubled with knowing what was done in the past, more than about Dunsey, it can’t be helped, their knowing that.”

“I shall put it in my will — I think I shall put it in my will.


Silas Marner