Silas Marner

What is Raveloe villagers' impression of Silas Marner

a couple of answers

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The villagers naturally view Silas Marner with suspicion. He came from a mysterrious region of the country that was unfamiliar to them. They could not be sure about his character because they did not know his father or his mother. Because of his recent past, Silas does not make attempts to interact with the villagers. He devotes all of his time to his work never socializing with the men at the tavern. Most of his exchanges with the villagers are business related. He falls in love with gold coins, his only connection to the fabric of the village life. Only Dolly Winthrop makes an effort to visit Silas and draw him into community life. Her kindness is magnified when she provides much needed assistance for Silas when he takes in Eppie