Silas Marner

silas marners life before and after eppie?

effect of eppie on silas life

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Eppie changes Silas' entire outlook on life. Before the entrance of Eppie into his life, Silas was basically a recluse who trusted nobody and thought hoarding money the only truly important thing in life. (Remember that he had lost faith in God and man after he was both betrayed and falsely accused.)

Eppie brought love into his life. She taught him what was truly important - people, love, friendship, faith and more. Because of her, he began to socialize more with the people around him. Dolly was one of the most important people Silas allowed into his life due to Eppie. She gave him sympathy, advice and encouragement. She was also a very wise woman. Silas becomes a better man because of Dolly, and he wouldn't have been influenced by her had it not been for Eppie.

You could say that Eppie changed Silas' entire world. He began to live for her and, once again, see beauty in the world - through her eyes.