Silas Marner

Identify 5 Aphorisms and their meaning in the book

Please help me find 5 aphorisms and their meaning found in the book Silas Marner (Include page or chapter number if possible).

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I don't know about five, but here are a few, (pg numbers might not be the same as yours)

When the Church Falsely accuses him Silas declaires that William had set him up.

"There is no God that governs the earth righteously, but a God of lies, that bears witness against the innocent." Chapter 1 pg 20

Again Dolly critisizes the hypocacy of the Church,

"it's niver too late to turn over a new leaf, and if you've niver had no church, there's no telling the good it'll do you" Chapter 10 pg 102

Money has no real meaning beyond itself,

"The gold had kept his thoughts in an ever-repeated circle, leading to nothing beyond itself." Ch. 14 pg 153