Silas Marner

f) Three dramatic events happened in Silas Marner’s life which largely dictated the pattern of his adult years. What are they and how did this affect him?

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Marner's supposed best friend, Willam Dane, frames him for the theft of a pouch of coins. Marner suffers from cataleptic fits which leave him as insensible as stone and vulnerable to Dane's frame-up. The community of Lantern Yard draws lots to determine Marner's guilt or innocence in the crime. After the lots proclaim Marner guilty, he flees from Lantern Yard, utterly crushed, leaving behind his faith in God and in humankind.

Silas spends fifteen years in isolation. He hords gold coins that is later stolen by Dunstan Cass.

Silas adopts Eppie.