what happened to sidhartha's Bramin father and mother after he left their home?*TEST TOM.*

and if your also able to answer theses few question it would be greatly appreciated.

1. what happened to the boy(son) Siddhartha once he travels back to the city

2. what are the importance of the following events

a) Siddhartha's parents when he leaves home

b) Govinda when he departs(both times)

c)kammaswami when he learns Siddhartha has left and stopped working for him

I realize it is a lot. so any answers what so ever will help!! thanks soo much!

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Thank you!! I understand everything but I'm still a little bit cloudy on this question:

what happened to siddharthas father and mother after he left their home?

Hey, I can't recall if we ever find this out. His parents aren't dealt with in detail. Sidhartha's father and Sidhartha were rather distant.When Siddhartha announces his intention to join the Samanas, his father becomes very upset and forbids Siddhartha's departure. In respectful defiance, Siddhartha does not move. His frustrated father leaves him, gazing out of his window periodically to see if Siddhartha has left. Mother is hardly written about.