what can some possible open ended questions about Questions About siddhartha's spiritual journey?

my definition of spiritual journey= reconnecting with your soul, adventure, experiencing change of mind and space. (ex: leaves his family for samanas, kamala, ferry boat, river, values)

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I'm glad I could help. You should click under "Browse other questions" near the top of this page. You can scan many higher order questions that have been asked in the past on this forum.

I'm not sure what you mean here. Do you want our definition of Siddhartha's spiritual journey?


oops I meant to say, create questions about siddhartha's spiritual journey or enlightenment. For, example the last few questions you answered that were created by me. I don't know if you realized, but they all relate to the theme of Spirituality. So here is what is going on, there was a group project assigned in my English class which requires me to create several higher order thinking questions that relate to a theme in the book and answer them in detail . 2 partners were randomly chosen. However, I was paired with the laziest people and I am 99% sure did not even read Siddhartha. ಥ_ಥ. I would also like to add that I greatly appreciate your work and dedication. You have helped me more than they have combined